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10 Reasons to Use Calpak Mark 4

If you’re looking at investing in a solar water heater, you might be tempted to go for a relatively inexpensive brand and save up, but is cheap really cheaper? Will your water heater deliver what it promises? This can be summed up to a fairly common phrase in the business: Cheap is Expensive.

While buying a cheap solar water heater may make you save money now, it will most probably cost you a lot of unnecessary expenditures in maintenance, repairs or even the purchase of a whole new heater in the future.

With over 44 years of experience in the conversion of sunlight into thermal energy, Calpak is uniquely positioned to offer a guaranteed top-quality solar water heater which is sure to deliver on your investment. This heater is the Calpak Mark 4.

10 Reasons to Use Calpak Mark 4:

10 reasons to use calpak mark 4

1. Double Wall Frame

Common collector: 0.8mm thickness

Mark 4: 2.4mm thickness

Being three times thicker, the double-wall frame ensures significantly lower thermal losses for a more performing heater and a stronger overall construction.

10 reasons to use calpak mark 4

2. Absorber with 11 Copper Pipes

Common collector: 7-8 copper pipes

Mark 4: 11 copper pipes

Mark 4 has 11 top-quality copper wires from Halcor for a more efficient heat transfer to the tank.

10 reasons to use calpak mark 4

3. High Transparency Glass

Common collector: 89% transparency

Mark 4: 91.5% transparency

With its increased transparency, Mark 4’s low iron glass allows even more solar radiation to reach the absorber than the usual 89% glass of a regular collector.

10 reasons to use calpak mark 4

4. Compressed Collector

Common Collector: Screws

Mark 4: Compressed

While the frame of classic collectors are usually fixed with screws, Mark 4 has a compressed collector for an impeccable finish and greater protection against humidity.

10 reasons to use calpak mark 4

5. Back-Plates

Common Collector: Steel

Mark 4: Aluminum

Mark 4’s back-plates are made of 0.5mm aluminum from Elval for a greater efficiency.

10 reasons to use calpak mark 4

6. Rock-Wool Insulation

Common Collector: Glass-wool

Mark 4: Rock-wool

Compared to regular models, Mark 4’s insulation is made of top-grade rock-wool of 40mm thickness manufactured by Fibran for drastic improvements in heat loss prevention.

10 reasons to use calpak mark 4

7. Aluminum Support

Common Collector: Steel 

Mark 4: Aluminum

While the installation of common galvanised steel support frames tend to be quite time-consuming, Mark 4 has an aluminum frame designed by Reddot for a smoother, time saving installation. The aluminum also guarantees unparalleled durability.

10 reasons to use calpak mark 4

8. Stainless-Steel Connection Pipes

Common: Plastic

Mark 4: Stainless Steel

While the connection pipe of normal solar water heaters is usually made of PAP plastic with an 18mm diameter, the Mark 4 model is fitted with 20mm diameter stainless steel pipes for even more durability and a higher overall performance. 

10 reasons to use calpak mark 4

9. Robotic Tank Welding

Common: Standard welding

Mark 4: Robotic welding

Compared to regular solar water heaters, Mark 4 uses state-of-the-art robotic welding for a life expectancy of over 20 years.

10 reasons to use calpak mark 4

10. High Performance Closed Circuit

Common: Standard heating

Mark 4: Fast heating

Mark 4 has a larger and specially designed closed circuit which allows the water to heat up faster than in a regular solar water heater for less inconvenience.

10 reasons to use calpak mark 4

11. New Calpak Factory

As if you needed another reason, the Mark 4 is manufactured and assembled in the new high-tech, state-of-the-art Calpak factory.

Get in touch with the GadgetroniX team to get your Calpak Mark 4 and enjoy solar water heating like never before. 

Get in touch with us to get more information and advise about our products and services.
Get in touch with us to get more information and advise about our products and services.
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