With many reports of thefts, burglaries, and damages to property filling the news nowadays, many have turned to automatic gates as a way of reinforcing their security and ensuring no ill comes to their family, staff, or property itself.

However, added protection is not the only advantage of installing an automatic gate. The electrical alternative to your standard gate might be just what you need to boost the appeal, value, and practicality of your house or business.

Here are 6 reasons why you should definitely give automatic gates a thought.

Why you should consider installing an automatic gate?

1. Security

Our top reason remains security. An automatic gate system acts as a deterrent for potential burglars and thieves as it is incredibly hard to breach. Knowing they can’t easily get past your gate is a sure way of making them give up on their dreams of robbing you.

Often paired with proper cameras, a security system, or a buzzer, an automatic gate allows you to keep a close watch on who you allow to enter the premises and even refuse access if you deem it necessary.

Furthermore, while automatic gates protect you from outside threats, it also gives you the peace of mind that your children and even your pets can play freely in your yard without the risk of going out onto a busy street.

Why you should consider installing an automatic gate?

2. Affordability

If you grew up thinking automatic gates were for millionaires and mansions, think again. Due to their recent rise in popularity, the cost of purchase and installation for these types of gates has significantly dropped in the past years. You can now give your house or business this extra class and flair without going bankrupt in the process.

Automatic gates are also incredibly long-lasting and sturdy with little to no maintenance required as they are specifically designed to withstand weather conditions. You can rest assured that once you install your automatic gate, you won’t need to replace it or have it fixed for a long time. 

In any case, should you ever need it fixed or checked, our highly experienced team is only a call away and will gladly set up an appointment.

3. Convenience

Another benefit of installing an electrically powered gate is you no longer need to leave the security and comfort of your car in the dark of night, or under heavy rain to open your gate. A simple click of a remote, or code using your phone and your gate will automatically swing open for you. Gone are the days of struggling to push open heavy gates and getting soaked to the bone, you can now open and close your gate in the comfort of your vehicle or property.

Why you should consider installing an automatic gate?

4. Easy Installation on Existing Gates

If you are already quite fond of your existing gate, you don’t need to give it up when you wish to upgrade to an automatic system. Gate automation motors can easily be mounted on a large variety of gates of different shapes, sizes, and weights. You only need to add an electric motor to the existing gate.

Why you should consider installing an automatic gate?

5. Upgrade Property Value

Another bonus of installing an automatic gate is the added value it brings to your property, house, or business. Should you decide to move out of your house or relocate your company, an automatic gate will definitely boost the value of your property on the market for its added security, look, and practicality.

If you are ready to take this step and improve the value, look, and security of your home or office, then feel free to contact us and set up a date.

As the sole distributor of Centurion in Tanzania, the number one gate in Africa, we can assure you of top-quality service from beginning to end.

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