We are delighted to share the remarkable success of Gadgetronix’s participation in the recent IndusMach Exhibition in Dar es Salaam, which took place from the 19th to the 21st of October at the Diamond Jubilee Expo Center. It was an extraordinary event that showcased our commitment to innovation, quality, and sustainability.

Our booth design captured the attention of attendees, providing a fascinating visual experience. The fusion of modern aesthetics and eco-conscious elements not only attracted visitors but also conveyed our dedication to creating innovative solutions that align with a greener future.

Our EcoFlow products were the true stars of the exhibition. The crowd was genuinely intrigued by the range of clean, portable power and smart solutions we offered. The EcoFlow River 2 & Delta 2 range of portable power solutions, Smart Devices like the Glacier Portable Refrigerator, Wave 2 Portable air conditioner & heater, garnered significant interest and admiration.

Our Gadgetronix Visitors had the chance to directly observe how our EcoFlow products could positively impact their lives. In addition to experiencing our EcoFlow solutions, visitors faced various challenges that were effectively addressed through our alternative energy solutions, including various Victron backup battery systems, solar panels, Arnen street lights, and different Eternity batteries.

GadgetronixTeam perticipated in INDUSMACH

We were thrilled to engage with a diverse and enthusiastic audience. Their questions, curiosity, and positive feedback reinforced our belief in providing accessible, sustainable power solutions. It was evident that our commitment to eco-conscious innovation resonated with attendees.

INDUSMACH 2023 served as a platform for us Gadgetronix as we are deeply committed to forging strong connections with our existing and potential customers, partners, and industry professionals. We sincerely value and appreciate the time and effort every visitor invested in joining us during the recent exhibition. It was a great pleasure to engage in meaningful discussions about various energy solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. These interactions provided an excellent platform for sharing insights, understanding your unique requirements, and exploring potential collaborative opportunities.

At Gadgetronix, our team is enthusiastic and optimistic about the possibilities that lie ahead in collaborating with you. We are keenly focused on addressing your unique energy challenges and are committed to playing a pivotal role in your journey toward success. Our approach is centered around offering innovative solutions and providing unwavering support through our dedicated service. We believe that by working together, we can achieve remarkable outcomes, ensuring that your energy needs are met with efficiency, sustainability, and cutting-edge technology. Our team is looking forward to embarking on this exciting journey with you and making a significant impact on your energy goals.

The Gadgetronix participation at INDUSMACH 2023
Celebrating Gadgetronix Success at the INDUSMACH Exhibition in Dar 3

Gadgetronix’s success in participating in the IndusMach Exhibition in Dar es Salaam inspires us to continue our journey to provide the best solutions. We remain committed to delivering high-quality products that empower our customers and contribute to a more eco-friendly world

Now more than ever, power has become an essential part of our lives. It keeps our food hot or cold, charges our mobile phones and computers, powers our internet, gates, water pumps, security systems and so much more. The impact of power outages on our lives has thus increased exponentially.

Power outages have remained an ailment and an obstacle to a modern way of life. To counter these issues, many people have now turned to backup power systems to power their homes during such events. With so many different alternatives found on the market, this article will outline some of the factors which make a good residential power backup system.

What makes a good battery-powered back-up system?

What is a Power Back-up System?

Foremost, a power backup system acts as an emergency power source in case of unexpected power cuts. The backup unit is constantly connected to your utility power grid which ensures the batteries are fully charged and ready to power your house. When your utility power grid falters, the backup power system is automatically switched on via a transfer switch and an inverter.

As soon as the utility power is back, the system will automatically switch back to the national grid and recharge the batteries for the next power cut.

What makes a good battery-powered back-up system?
What Makes a Good Battery-Powered Back-Up System? 7

How Long will the Back-Up System Last?

The duration of the backup system is dependent on the size and number of the batteries connected to it and the power load used, such as the number of appliances, lights, gates, and other equipment used during those periods.

While some appliances or systems such as security, lights, fridges, and TVs consume only a small amount of power, other appliances such as air conditioning, kitchen appliances, and pumps require significantly more and may affect the amount of time your batteries will last.

It is thus advised to prioritize essential or light-load appliances when using the backup system.

What Size of Batteries do you Require?

In order to calculate the capacity of the batteries required to power your house, it is advised to add up the power load of all your essential appliances and systems at the same time, so as to calculate your peak power needs. When working with us, we perform this during the project planning phase.

However, once we have this figure or load profile, it is important to decide how many hours of backup is required for each item so the energy consumption is calculated. You will thus get an estimate of the battery capacity required and eventually the number of batteries you need.

What Type of Batteries do you Require?

As different types of batteries can be used for different purposes and situations, it is important to pick the kind which best fits your needs.

·       Sealed Lead Acid Batteries are best used for on-grid systems as they are designed to sit in a state of full charge for most of their life without any damage.

·       Flooded Lead Acid Batteries are best fitted for off-grid systems as they can withstand frequent charging and discharging.

·       Lithium Batteries are best suited for on-grid residential backup systems as they can be discharged up to almost 0% without any damage, while lead batteries always need to maintain a significant percentage of charge.

·       Nano-Carbon Batteries are best used in off-grid systems where the supply of power is undersized. They can withstand a state of partial charge for a long period of time.

·       Nickel-Iron Batteries can be used both on and off-grid. They are, however, significantly more expensive than their counterparts.

What makes a good battery-powered back-up system?

What Size of Inverter/Charger do you Require?

Inverters can range from 500VA up to 15KVA, although inverters/chargers can be arranged in parallel to achieve a 3-phase set-up. The power rating on your inverter will dictate how much power can be used at once, if your consumption exceeds this rating, the inverter will shut down to protect itself.

Using your peak power requirement, you can thus pick an inverter that fits or exceeds this rating to ensure it won’t shut down.

A good residential power backup system is one that is capable of providing your house with its basic, or above basic power requirements in case of a power outage. It should also be easy to operate, with little to no maintenance, and come at an affordable price.

If you are looking to purchase a good power backup system and weather the next power outage in full comfort, our GadgetroniX team would gladly advise you on the best solutions which cater to your needs. Please, feel free to book an appointment and we will be happy to help.

Gadgetronix Limited recently bagged home a prize from the Tanzania’s Top 100 Mid-Sized Companies Awards. The winners were announced in the month of October during a gala dinner held in Dar es Salaam. 

The companies that got to make this prestigious list were obtained through a survey conducted by KPMG and the Nation Media Group. The aim of the survey was to identify and recognize the fastest-growing medium-sized companies and celebrate the people behind them and their achievements. 

The requirements for companies to be able to participate in the survey appeared to be stringent at first glance. We are proud and honoured to have been able to meet the criteria and qualify for the list. 

This was the first time that Gadgetronix made the Top 100 mid-sized companies list.We attribute our success to an improved focus on customer satisfaction as well as capacity building and training of our staff

While we celebrate, this has come as a much-needed motivation to keep improving our service delivery to our clients. It has also served as a reminder of the trust that our customers have placed on us and encourages us to be more innovative in meeting customer demands.

Top100 mid size company 2019/2020 award
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