Boom Barrier, License Plate Recognition & Backup System | Quarry King'ori

Rocktronic LTD
Rocktronic LTD
Client Type
Project Category
Battery Storage
Power Backup
Boom Barrier
License Plate Recognition
Completion Date
April 2021
Battery Bank Storage
2.64 kWH ofLithium ion solar batteries
Service Provided

We supplied and installed the following systems:

Boom Barrier

Installed 4.5 meters CENTURION Sector Boom Pole Barrier equipped with beam sensors that ensure the barrier closes automatically. This barrier is used to control entry and exit to the quarry.

License Plate Recognition

The barrier above is fitted with DAhua 2MP IR License Plate Recognition Camera that  can capture license plates of vehicles traveling up to 60 kph. The camera coupled with a Dahua NVR or DSS Video Management System offers a complete traffic management and parking solution for the quarry.

This site is remotely managed and controlled by the head office in Moshi. Also, daily reports are automatically sent at the end of the day through a cloud management system.

Power Backup

2.64 kWh of battery storage and 1 x 500VA/12V inverter charger. This power backup system serves the boom barrier and License Plate recognition camera during power outages.

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