Safina Trust - Mororgoro

Safina Street Networks
Safina Street Networks
Client Type
Financial Institution
Project Category
Off Grid Solar
Submersible Water Pumping
Completion Date
March 2019
Solar Array
2.925 kWp
Battery Bank Storage
5.76 kWh of deep cycle solar batteries
Service Provided

Solar Water Pumping

Designed, supplied and installed a Solar water pumping systems that can supply 8,000 litres per day. However, we exceeded the client’s expectation and they are able to get about 10,000L per day.

  • Pump system: LORENTZ PS2-1800 HR-07H-2
  • Total dynamic head (TDH): 130 m
  • Flow rate: 11 m3/day
  • Solar generator: 1.95 kWp

The borehole solar water pumping system is used to run the pump and supply water for the school and local community.

Off-Grid Solar System and Battery Storage

0.975 kWp of Photovoltaic panels with 5.76 kWh of battery capacity and 1 x 375VA/24V inverter.

This solar off-grid system is used to power up a small fridge and lighting for the school.

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