Lorentz solar pumping workshop Singida




K. B. HOTEL in Singida


Kai Reinecke – Channel Sales Manager (English-speaking Africa) – LORENTZ GMBH


Swaleh Hassan, Abbas Mhando.


33 Engineers, Technicians, Regional & District Managers of RUWASA Singida region & NGO representatives from UNHCR and DRC.


05/03/2020 – 06/03/2020

This training was designed to provide operational GO and NGO staff and associated organizations with information on designing, building, and operating sustainable water infrastructure using solar water pumping systems. The content was suitable for decision-makers, municipal water service providers, engineers, capacity builders, and fundraisers.

The event was held at K.B. Hotel in Singida with an opportunity for hands-on equipment testing and live solar pumping.

The content was a mixture of information sharing, workshop activities, and practical demonstrations of what can be achieved.

The workshop and training session was appropriate for both community development and emergency relief-focused staff.

The content included:

  • Different models for end-to-end water networks
  • Water dispenser technology uses
  • How solar pumps and hybrid power pumps can deliver water while keeping operational costs to a minimum
  • Monitoring and management of water networks, including active management and management of water resources
  • How technology can help effective revenue collection (monetizing) of water delivery
  • Hands-on practical demonstrations of technology
  • Hand pumps vs solar pumps

Day 1

  1. Welcome, Statement of Goals and Objectives of the Training Session Solar & Pumping Technology Basics
  2. Experience to Date and Rationale for the use of Solar Systems Solar Pump Operators Manual
  3. Live Demonstration of solar pumping and water dispensing technology

Day 2

  1. Solar pump system design using COMPASS software
  2. Hybrid Power for municipal-type services
  3. Remote monitoring for resource and asset management
  4. Solar dispensers for sustainable management of water supply schemes
  5. Lorentz Products – the Evolution of Solar Solutions

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