Solar Show Africa 2022

23rd-24th August 2022
Event Description

Organizer : The Pewa and Solar Show Africa

Venue : South Africa

Trainer : The Pewa and Solar Show Africa

Attendees : Gadgetronix.NET

Participantss : 3 Sales and Technical members of Gadgetronix.

Dates : 23/08/2022 – 24/08/2022


Day 1 - 23/08/2022 - We visited our friends at Nemtek Electric Fence Products and Centurion Systems to kick off the first day of our trip on a high note.


Day 2 – 24/08/2022 - We had the opportunity to learn from and explore all the latest and most innovative initiatives in the energy industry. While attending the show, we realized, as a business, how significant our impact is on furthering Africa's transformation to cleaner and more sustainable energy.


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