May 6, 2022
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Freedom won Lithium Ion Solar Batteries

Lithium-ion batteries have been at the forefront of renewable energy alternatives but Freedom Won has now taken the lead. Proudly manufactured in Johannesburg, South Africa, the renewable alternatives offered by Freedom Won promise strong, durable, and environmentally safe ways to power your needs. Available in all sizes and ranges of power, switching to LiFePO4 or Lithium Iron Phosphate can dually change the way you run your operations and demonstrate your engagement to a greener and safer environment for your employees. Discover what the craze is all about Lite.

Freedom Won Lite Batteries

Standing for Lithium To Energy, the Freedom Won Lite batteries encompass the latest advancements in the renewable energy field finally unlocking the possibility for energy freedom and environmental recovery. Available in a wide range of battery powers, these peaks of research and development offer lasting, compact, and effective solutions to those wishing to produce their own energy and adopt greener alternatives.

From residential to utility-scale, the Lite batteries ensure a consistent return on investment and energy costs far below the regular grids. Suitable for both grid and off-grid systems, the wide range of batteries is adapted to your household or industrial needs ensuring power outages no longer hinder your life and efficiency even for systems requesting a heavier load.  On the contrary, the Lite batteries offer a stable power supply throughout the day and night even on poor grid connection. Charge up while the sun is out and consume your stored energy whenever you need it.

Types of Systems:

To easily understand the different models such as 5/4, 10/8, 15/12, or 20/16, it might be good to consider the first digit of the description as the total energy capacity of the battery, and the second as the total usable energy; Total Energy Capacity/Usable energy.

For example, the 5/4 provides a total energy capacity of 5kWh for a recommended discharge of 80% offering 4kWh of usable energy, and similarly for the 10/8, 15/12, 20/16, and more.

Lite Home and Business 52V

The 52V nominal batteries can be fitted in small to large households and businesses with average power consumption needs. These batteries are safe to be stored outside sheltered from the weather or even inside. This battery range is available in different sizes and offers varying amounts of power. Starting with the 5/4 and ending with the 30/24, the Lite Home models cover an energy range of 5 to 30kWh to efficiently cater to your daily needs.

Freedom won lithium ion solar batteries

If you need a little extra boost on the job, the business range is perfect both for starting and established companies. Beginning at 40/32 and reaching up to 80/64, Freedom Won has got you covered.

Lite Home and Business HV

Similarly, for others who demand a little more from their batteries, the High Voltage spectrum offers all the advantages of the normal product line with a higher current. Compact, efficient, long-lasting and much more, the HV range is the solution for those who thought regular batteries simply didn’t cut it.

Freedom won lithium ion solar batteries

Why Switch to Freedom Won Lite?

Reducing Carbon Footprint

Since 2012, Freedom Won has been deeply invested in the fabrication and improvement of its world-class LiFePO4. The company aims to empower its customers to generate their own energy and once and for all turn their backs on fossil fuels. 

While renewable energy sources such as solar panels have grown popular among the eco-conscious, lead-acid batteries with short life spans and yielding minimal usable energy have been a deterrent for multiple wishing to adopt a green lifestyle. As a stronger, more durable, and safer counterpart, the LiFePO4 is up to the challenge, finally providing businesses and individuals alike with a sustainable way of reducing their carbon footprint.

No hazards

Compared to regular lead batteries, lithium iron phosphate alternatives do not contain any hazardous chemicals such as lead. When charging, lead batteries can release significant quantities of hydrogen and oxygen which can easily ignite and combust causing an explosion.

The main components in regular batteries are lead and sulfuric acid which both pose a threat to the environment and human health if not discarded properly. The chemicals discharged when the batteries are thrown into the garbage or landfills can contaminate the soil and groundwater. Furthermore, the electrolytes or acids used in these batteries are also highly corrosive and may cause serious injury if in contact with the skin or eyes.

Freedom won lithium ion solar batteries

This is not a problem with Freedom Won LiFePO4  batteries. Among the safest types of batteries developed to this day, Lithium Iron Phosphates have even lower energy density than normal Lithium-ion batteries making them more stable and suitable for a wide range of purposes. This new type of battery is also fully non-toxic, meaning that it can be disposed of easier than lead or even normal Li-ion batteries.

Corporate Advantage

The preservation of the environment and the reduction of our carbon emissions is a necessary global initiative that has taken the world by storm. Nowadays, more and more people are adopting greener lifestyles, carpooling, recycling, switching to vegan diets, riding their bikes to work, and much more, but what does this imply for the corporate sector?

Studies have demonstrated that the new generation is more likely to buy products or request services from companies that openly take a stand in the race to save the planet. This form of Corporate Social Responsibility demonstrates that your organization is aware of its impact on the environment and that it is devoted to its efforts to rectify or diminish it.

Switching to the safest and most efficient battery alternative may be the first step in showing your engagement to the planet and earning bonus points from potential clients or investors.

Great Return on Investment

While the initial investment cost of all Lithium-ion batteries, including LiFePO4, can seem daunting, this type of battery has a much longer lifespan and can last up to 10 times more than average lead-acid batteries. This means that while your usual alternatives may seem like the best deal, spending a little more on LiFePO4 now will actually yield a greater return on investment as they will need to be changed far less often.

Due to their durability, this also means that the cost of usable energy in kilowatts per hour provided by a Lithium battery during its life is around 4 to 6 times lower than that of a lead-acid battery. While you might need to consider the initial investment, these revolutionary counterparts will have covered their costs in a few years and allow you to continue saving up in the long run.

Freedom won lithium ion solar batteries

Long Lasting

An average lead battery can usually safely discharge about 50% of its capacity. A 100 amp per hour battery can thus only yield about 50 amps before you need to recharge it or risk causing damage. This factor, unfortunately, means that the power is usually used up very quickly and the battery itself is prone to needing replacing much faster.

Lithium-ion batteries are known and appreciated for their long life, and ability to withstand an almost complete discharge. However, most prefer not to run the batteries below 20% of their yield to avoid damage. By simple math, a 100 amp Li-ion or LiFePO4 battery can thus be used up to around 80 amps before it needs recharging, still a far more advantageous yield.

Latest technology

While Lithium-ion batteries have changed the renewable energy field, Lithium Iron Phosphate alternatives have revolutionized it. The Research and Development team at Freedom Won is on a constant quest for evolution, efficiency, and performance.

Wide range

Having started their journey with the retrofitting of a Jeep Grand Cherokee, Freedom Won set out to develop a wider range of LiFePO4 batteries which could be integrated for multiple purposes from light to heavy duty. The crown jewel of the largest energy storage manufacturer in Africa, the Lite batteries were first launched in 2015 with models ranging from 5kWh to 2500kWh. These lightweight, compact and extremely powerful batteries have since been used for a plethora of uses from household solar systems to large-scale industrial and agricultural projects.

Freedom won lithium ion solar batteries


If you are not convinced yet, Freedom Won pledges an unparalleled 10-year full warranty on all its Lite batteries as well as the expert advice and skills of its technical team for a fully backed-up switch from your regular lead batteries.

Ready to make the switch? Get your Freedom Won Lite batteries at Gadgetronix and find the solution which fits your needs.

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