March 30, 2020
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Home Appliances that Work with Solar Energy

Over the years, the energy industry has boomed and evolved from traditional fossil energies into safer, cheaper, and more ecologically friendly sources such as solar energy. Millions of homes around the world have already made the switch to solar panels, but why choose solar energy today? Is it strong enough for all your home appliances? Despite all its advantages, solar energy came with many misconceptions from the public. 

Contrary to popular belief, the uses of solar energy are not only limited to appliances with low energy requirements. Much like traditional methods, solar energy is effective enough to operate appliances with high power requirements.

As for any choice you make concerning your home, various factors are to be considered when adopting a new power system. Here are some of the things you should know when deciding to make the shift to solar. 

From simple light bulbs to refrigerators, televisions, and much more, solar energy has the potential to power up your whole house or business, reduce your monthly electricity bills and diminish your carbon footprint, all at the same time. 

When properly connected to a grid and storage system, solar energy is the perfect option for environmentally-conscious citizens looking for a cheaper way to power through the day.

Home appliances that work with solar energy

Here are some light and heavy-duty appliances which can run on solar energy


For years now, stored solar energy has been used to power lightbulbs and lighting networks in houses. Various types of lights have been created specifically to adapt to this type of power source.


Special ovens have been brought into the market that harnesses the power of the sun for daily usage. Cook, grill, and fry succulent and juicy meals just like you would with any traditional oven at considerably reduced costs over time.

Water Heaters

Similarly, for solar water heaters, the heat energy from the sun is captured by solar panels and converted to electricity to power and supply your house with lukewarm water all day long. The electricity is stored in solar cells to ensure your heater can still operate at optimum conditions even in the absence of sunlight.

Refrigerators and Freezers

On a colder note, it might be surprising that heat energy from our burning sun is used for cooling and storing your food. Well, it is true. The energy captured by the solar panels is used by those special freezers and refrigerators to keep their content chilled at all times.

Water Pumps

Water pumps can also be powered by solar energy. Solar panels provide electricity which powers an electric motor and this in turn, powers a water pump. The water pump is collected in storage tanks to be used.

Your Whole House

Yes, solar energy can replace any grid-purchased electricity, catering to all your electrical needs just like a normal power grid. It is a solid and reliable alternative to traditional methods. With a proper solar power grid setup, you will be able to use any electrical tool or appliance, whether your oven, mixer, vacuum cleaner, water pump, and much more. 

Home appliances that work with solar energy

Why choose solar?

It is known that choosing to switch to solar energy comes at a cost. A budget is required for the transition process such as the purchase and installation of the solar panels. However, these costs can easily be recovered over a few years as you will cut back entirely on your electricity bills.

Using solar panels means that you have a sustainable energy source that you are able to produce by yourself for your own consumption, thus, there is no monthly cost attached to power up your house.

Solar energy is also one of the cleanest and most ecologically friendly sources of electricity. Similar to hydroelectric and wind farms, solar panels use natural elements to generate energy. The rays of this endless source are converted into electricity by photovoltaic plates using solar cells.

Solar panels are known to reduce your carbon footprint and the production of greenhouse gases from the burning of fossil fuels. Effectively, limiting your dependence on fossil energy could greatly improve the impact you have on the environment and indirectly improve the health risks of respiratory and cardiac issues caused by air pollutants.

Another common misconception about solar energy is that solar panels do not generate energy on cloudy days. This claim is entirely false. Solar panels continue to capture heat energy even on days with unfavorable weather forecasts. The amount of electricity produced may decline compared to the amount gathered on bright sunny days, but the panels nevertheless continue to store energy.

Home appliances that work with solar energy

We are here to help!

The GadgetroniX team is here to guide you on this new path to a greener, cleaner power.  Our team will assist you through the solar panel and grid installation process and any queries you might have.

We can also be contacted should any maintenance and repair be required with the passing of time. Scared to choose solar? Don’t be, Gadgetronix is here for you.

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