The Complete Solar Water Pump Solution

We offer a wide selection of solar equipment and accessories. Lorentz is one of the industry’s most trusted suppliers for solar equipment.
The products on stock are suited for a complete grid-tied solar system & are designed to only the best specifications and built to last.  With Lorentz, you get solutions to monitor your equipment remotely and go fully off-grid.

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Our range of accessories are meant to complete your Lorentz system. We offer probes, sensors, racking and PV modules among many other equipment, all fully compatible. Integrate these components in your system for a complete solution.

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Communication Applications

All Lorentz pump systems are connected and enabled for remote monitoring. The products we supply in this category achieve this goal. We supply a variety of devices including the PS communicator for remote monitoring and management of your pump systems.

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Power Packs

The power packs from Lorentz make sure that your pumps are operational at all times. These components are AC/DC converters that can keep your pump running by supplying back up power from a generator or main supply when needed.

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Smart PSuk2

These range of products are a part of the smart solution hybrid power from Lorentz. They are AC/DC converters that keep your PS2k pumps operational when solar power is not enough or feasible. They supply the pump with power from a generator or grid supply.

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Smart Tap Solutions

A range of products made to work as an off grid water solution. It combines hardware and software to manage water dispensing and management in remote areas.

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Submersible Pumps

We supply a range of Lorentz submersible pumps with different use cases. These pumps work in well depth ranging from 4” – 6”. Lorentz submersible pumps have a long life expectancy and are made using non-corrodible materials throughout.

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Surface Pumps

Lorentz surface pumps are made with sustainability and longevity in mind. The pumps are solar powered and provide a variety of use cases. They can be used for pond management, irrigation, drinking water applications and more.

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Swimming Pool Pumps

Swimming pool pumps from Lorentz are all solar. It can meet all filtration needs via solar pumps, so with close to zero energy costs you can get a quick return on your investment. The pumps are made to work in residential as well as commercial swimming pools as well as spas.