Project Description


Mr. Mwinyi


August 2018

Project Scope

Solar Water Pump for Irrigiation

The Water requirement for this farm is 20,000L per day. The Client was using generator and spending about TZS 25,000 (USD 11) per day. Hence the need to use solar power to pump up the water from a wel.

This farm is located in Mkuranga in Pwani Region.



Service Provided

Designed, supplied and installed a Solar water pumping systems that can supply 20,000 litres an hour.

Design Facts:

Pump system: LORENTZ PS2-1800 HR-14H
Total dynamic head (TDH): 70 m
Flow rate: 20 m3/day
Solar generator: 1.3 kWp.

The borehole solar water pumping system is used to run the pump and supply water for irrigation purpose and domestic use for the farm supervisor and his family.

The system runs all the offices lightings, computers, Laptops, printers and charging system at the gates.