Project Description


Nasikia Camps


December 2018

Project Scope

Solar Water for Tarangire Ndovu Camp

The Water requirement for this 10 mobile tent camp is over 15,000L per day. However, with construction of the camp going on, they required more than 30,000L per day. Pumping this water using generator would increase the consumption of fuel by over 30%. Hence the need to use solar power to pump up the water over a distance 250 meters and 85 meters high from its source.

Nasikia Tarangire Ndovu Camp is located in the heart of Tarangire, Tanzania’s wild land and landscapes. Tarangire is famed for its massive elephant herds, true sense of wilderness and a gentle backdrop of baobabs.



Service Provided

Designed, supplied and installed a Solar water pumping systems that can supply 35,000 litres an hour.

We supplied and installed the following systems: –

Solar Water Pump from Borehole – 2,560 Wp of photovoltaic panels with LORENTZ PS2-1800 HR-23 Solar Water Pump.

The borehole solar water pumping system is used to run the pump and supply water for construction of the whole camp. The water will later be used to for the guest tents, mess, kitchen and staff & guide room, swimming pools etc.