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Project Description




December 2018

Project Scope

Off Grid Solar Solutions

PV System for powering Leather Tanning Machine in Mkuru Village

The Project foresees the setup of a leather tanning and manufacturing micro-social enterprise by OIKOS EA.

The leather tanning machine comprised of a 3 phase horsepower Gear Motor. This Project serves to semi-automate the leather tanning process of the Maasai community leaving within Mkuru.

This project is located in Mkuru (Uwiro Village, Uwiro Ward).


Non-Governmental Organization

Service Provided

OIKOS EA awarded Gadgetronix.Net to supply and install a photovoltaic system that can run a
leather tanning machine for at least 6 hours per day.

We supplied and installed 5140wp of photovoltaic Modules with a Grundfos RSI 4Kw inverter. The system runs the leather tanning machine for at least 6 hours a day.

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