Project Description


Safina Street Networks


March 2019

Project Scope

Off Grid Solar Solutions

Safina Street Network is Deutsche outreach service working with vulnerable children and young people in Tanzania.

Together with other partners, they have built a school outside Morogoro where there is no Public Grid.

The client was using two pumps (2.2kw and 1.1kw) to pump from borehole to tank and then tank to the community living close by using a generator.


NGO & Learning Institution

Service Provided

GadgetroniX have designed a solar water pumping system that will serve the school and local community that lives about 300m away on a slightly hilly area.

They now enjoy fresh water pumped up by the power of the sun!

Design Facts:
Submersible pump system PS2-1800 HR-07
Dynamic lift (TDH): 130 m
Flow: 11 m3/day
PV array: 1,950 Wp