Magnetic L/Z/U Lock Bracket for Electric Magnetic Lock
May 18, 2017
Push To Open Buttons
May 18, 2017

Electric Drop Bolt Door Lock 12V Deadbolt Strike Fail-Safe Mode


– High Security
– Bolt position monitored
– Multiple Orientation
– Power to Lock/ Power to Open
– Tamper Proof
– Thermal Protection


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The EDB first designed and patented by SDC, is a fundamental innovation in electric locking technology for access control applications. The stainless steel bolt projects at right angles to the lock mechanism, allowing installation of all locks, by means of a simple cutout, in virtually any standard 1.75″ frame, or in most door lock stiles. With the entire lock concealed, esthetic acceptability is complete, security is greater and installation in old or new construction is fast, easy and economical.