Electric Drop Bolt Door Lock 12V Deadbolt Strike Fail-Safe Mode
May 18, 2017
Yale Electrical Rim Lock and Yale Electric Strike
May 18, 2017

Push To Open Buttons


– Tamper resistant
– Alerts & sounders



Push door buttons

Push Door Buttons are used for easy of access for entries, handicapped accessibility, exit doorways and emergencies. Push to open buttons are usually seen in high traffic areas where people are consistently going in and out of buildings.

GX offers a variety of different types of push buttons available to you from rectangular to circular buttons, also buttons with handicap illustrations, as well as buttons with existing or entry captions.

Push Door buttons can feature different switch modes, tamper resistant functionality, and over sized surfaces for increased visibility. GX offers buttons from premier top manufacturers such as BEA,Trine, Rutherford and Securitron.