September 28, 2022
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Security Solutions for Home and Business

Privacy and security stand among the top requirements of any home or business nowadays. In these dangerous times, it has become essential for families and business owners alike to protect, manage and monitor their environment to prepare for and deter cases of burglary and theft. Fortunately, technology seems to evolve with our needs, and multiple security tools and devices can now be found on the market for a reasonable price and quality. Above and beyond protecting your material possessions and sensitive data from theft, setting up some security solutions can also offer you peace of mind which usually comes from knowing your home or compound is well monitored or that it is possible to identify the miscreant if the deed has been done.

Here are a few security solutions for home and business:

Security Cameras

A must-have for most homes and businesses nowadays, security cameras are not limited to banks and large businesses anymore. Available in all shapes and sizes, CCTV cameras have come a long way over the last few years and can now be installed remotely anywhere. Positioned to watch over key spots such as front gates, backyards, service entrances, driveways, or even inside your house or office, these state-of-the-art devices are here to record any entrance into your property, whether authorized or not, for full coverage. These cameras are most often connected to a hard drive where all the data recorded can be stored and accessed later on if needed or even to your mobile phone where you can receive instant alerts in case of unusual activity. In addition, cameras also act as deterrents for petty crimes as the thieves or vandals are aware they have a higher chance of getting caught.

Security solutions for home and business

Nowadays, multiple different types of cameras can be found depending on your security needs, such as Dome, Bullet, IP CCTV, Day/Night, and High Definition cameras. To learn more about the different types of cameras available on the market and their specific uses and advantages, visit our guide for CCTV cameras that fit your security requirements.

Electric Gates

Electric gates or automatic gates have grown quite popular in Tanzania over the last few years. Multiple large businesses and houses in residential areas have turned to this system as a way to control access to their premises. This type of gate can either be opened by inserting a passcode in a keypad by the door, using an electronic key or when triggered by a security guard after identification. Anyway, an electric gate keeps unwanted vehicles off your property.

Once again, a wide variety of electric gates can be found depending on your requirements. Types such as Slide, Cantilever, and Swing gates are usually commonly found in high-end residential areas and businesses, however, other systems like the Vertical Lift, Vertical Pivot Lift, Bi-folding, or Barrier arm gate are often best fitted for commercial and industrial purposes, as well as for special security areas such as embassies.

Security solutions for your house or business

Another selling point of this type of gate is that the components required to make it operate such as a motor, gate operator, access panels, and the like, can often be fitted onto your existing gate, significantly reducing your expenses.

Electric Fences

As an additional security measure for your perimeter, electric fences are a great way of keeping out burglars. Operating as a physical and psychological barrier, electric fences are effective deterrents as they send a message that your property is very well secured. Unless a thief is highly motivated or equipped to go through your electric system, this is a great way of protecting your perimeter. Similarly to automatic gates, some electric fences can also be set on existing installations after advice from a consultant.

Security solutions for your house or business

Electric fences are among the top solutions to deter or delay intrusions while offering multiple additional benefits such as low maintenance costs, durability, and ease of operation. No need to worry, these types of fences have greatly evolved from their initial counterparts that can be traced back all the way to 1905, electric fences have now been developed to be effective but still non-lethal deterrents.

Access Control

Typically used in businesses and firms handling sensitive data, access control panels are a restrictive security measure allowing you to monitor who can have access to your premises and machines. This system has also recently been cleverly seen at the entrance of certain houses although this practice is not as widespread as for commercial use. Houses can benefit from using simple stand-alone access controls that are usually installed at the main doors and grant access once a specific code of key card is presented. In addition to the latter, other types of more advanced systems have also been created for stricter monitoring of access across your business. Certain systems can even grant or restrict access based on specific job roles and areas of your business, ensuring employees that do not necessarily need to access expensive machinery or sensitive data are not allowed to do so. Nowadays, you can find different types of access control systems for your home and office depending on the level of security you may need.

Security solutions for your house or business

Intruder Alarms

Intruder alarms, also often called burglar alarms, are common devices used to protect your home and business against burglars and thieves, hence keeping your loved ones, employees and possessions safe. These devices are often connected to doors and windows, or even to motion sensors and access panels, and emit a loud, strident sound when someone attempts to breach your premises. Suitable for domestic, commercial, and industrial settings, intruder alarms can be customized based on the number of entrances and specificities of your building. This system can also be equipped with additional accessories and options such as flashing lights, alerts on your cell phone, and even direct calls to the police or security watch of your choice.


Usually seen outside apartment buildings, intercoms are an easy way to monitor who can enter your house or business premises. The intercom system is commonly placed at the entrance to the building itself. The person seeking entry has to press a button on the machine that directs a call to the inside of the building. They must then state their identity and the nature of their visit, and the person on the inside can decide to let them through or not. Intercoms can typically also be paired to automatic gates and have the call directed to a security agent on the inside.

Security solutions for your house or business

Walkie Talkies

Less of a deterrent and more of a tool to synchronize your security teams, portable communication units, more commonly known as walkie-talkies, are incredibly useful to relay fast information and synchronize operations within your team. Mostly used for commercial or industrial properties, these devices allow your security agents to regularly check in with one another, report any unusual activity instantly and even coordinate their pursuit of a burglar or thief.

Security solutions for your house or business

Watchman Tracker

Quite new in the security business, a watchman tracker is a GPS-enabled device that allows you to monitor the rounds of your employees around your office or factory to ensure all areas are being properly covered. Especially useful for large businesses or industries, this device also allows you to better plan and organize your watchmen rounds and trajectories for optimum coverage at all times.

Fire Alarms

Once again less related to deterring thieves, fire alarms are an essential part of your security system for complete peace of mind when leaving your house or office. Often connected to smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide sensors, a fire alarm can instantly alert you or the local fire brigade in case of an accidental fire or arson.

Security solutions for your house or business

GadgetroniX is a oneā€“spot shop for all your security solutions. Offering only high-quality devices, our team is also made up of experts in the field who will gladly come and evaluate your residential, commercial, and industrial premises for vulnerabilities and offer the best solutions to make your security failsafe for a fully secure home and office environment. Contact us or visit our online catalog for an in-depth overview of all our security options.

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