July 10, 2020
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Types of Access Control Systems for your Home and Office

What is Access Control Systems?

Access control systems are restrictive security techniques that help monitor who can have access to your premises and data. It can be considered as the different steps and security measures to undertake before being granted authorization to enter the premises of a house or office or to view and utilize its network, systems, and information.

Types of access control systems for your home and office

Benefits of Using Access Control:

The installation of access control systems helps you secure your property by keeping track of who comes and goes at all times, and by giving you control over who is allowed in. If you have a business, this will also allow you to secure sensitive information and even expensive equipment, reducing the chances of theft.

Types of access control systems for your home and office

Types of Access Control Systems:

1. Stand-Alone Access Control

Stand Alone Access Control is one of the easiest and most affordable ways of securing your premises as all access panels are found on the entry door itself, and access is granted through the presentation of a valid code or card.

2.     Discretionary Access Control

Discretionary Access Control systems (DAC) are usually better used for small premises or businesses with only one or two doors to be monitored. The owner holds all the responsibility for deciding who enters his home physically, but also digitally for offices.

DAC is known to be the least restrictive access system as it allows a single individual all control over the property, belongings, and systems. A considerable drawback of DAC is that it gives the end-user some degree of control over the security level of your property as an access card or a passcode can easily be shared with other people.

3.     Mandatory Access Control

Mandatory Access Control (MAC) is usually used for premises and businesses which require higher levels of security. The MAC classifies all its end-users into different categories or ranks and grants them access to certain areas, systems, and information based on this level of clearance.

4.     Role-Based Access Control

Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) is one of the most sought-after systems in businesses or companies requiring high security or with many staff members. RBAC works by only authorizing access to files, and areas that are relevant to your work based on your job description, and restricting access to any other data which is not essential to your work.

5.     Door Entry

Door entry-level security is used to allow visitors and clients who cannot gain access via other access control systems. An entry panel is placed outside the grounds and operates by monitoring and directing calls from the outside to the inside of your home, apartment complex, or workplace. The interaction is often video-monitored and recorded using the camera for additional security.

How Access Control Works:

Most types of access control systems authorize entry to a building or system upon the presentation of a set of credentials. If the information presented matches those recorded in the system’s database, the end-user is granted access. Such credentials come in various forms based on your needs and preferences, as well as the level of security required.

Types of access control systems for your home and office

   i.          Security Code

Access via the use of a security code is a commonly used method in homes and offices alike. The family member or employee is given a passcode to be entered into a security panel. If the panel recognizes the code, the person will be granted access.

However, situations requiring higher levels of security sometimes pair the use of an access code with other systems to enhance the security levels as a code can be cracked or told to another person.

Types of access control systems for your home and office

 ii.          Biometrics

Biometric authentication is a technique that grants or restricts access based on the recognition of biometric data such as fingerprint scanning. This security method is widely used nowadays as it allows the identification of the person requesting entry. While access cards and similar items can be lost or stolen, biometric identification is singular to its bearer and cannot be easily counterfeited.

In cases requiring higher levels of security such as companies handling sensitive data or equipment, the use of facial and retinal scanning is also sometimes used along with additional measures such as voice recognition.

Types of access control systems for your home and office

  iii.          Smart Card Readers

Access control cards are also widely used in home and office security control. The cards are swiped or tapped against a card reader which then processes the information on the card and unlocks the door for a temporary period.

Depending on your needs or preferences, these cards can be made in various ways, such as using barcodes, magnetic stripes, infrared, and many others.

Looking for ways to secure your house or business can be quite a hassle if you are just beginning to look for information, our team would be glad to have a chat with you and help you figure out the best options for your peace of mind. Whether you are looking for basic home access control or a higher level of security, we are here for you.

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