Vitron Energy Management System

Victron Energy Training in Arusha

Title: Sales and technical Training Held in Arusha Tanzania
Organizer: Gadgetronix.Net Ltd
Venue: Akmea Building Navra street
Date: 11th -13th December, 2018


  • David Alsina -Victron Energy Sales
  • C. Van Bergeijk ( Anco) -Victron Energy Technical Trainer


  • Below was the agenda for the training
  • Company profile
  • Product line and applications
  • Lithium batteries versus Lead Acid
  • Offgrid, Backup, ESS systems
  • Site visit 60kW system
  • VenusOs (GX family devices)
  • Communication protocol & firmware
  • Wiring and protections
  • Hybrid system configuration
  • Advanced programming of system and assistants
  • More Q&A
  • Issuing of certificates


Number of Attendance 40 delegates who include Dealers, sales people, Business Owners, Members of TAREA, Engineers and technicians from different region in Tanzania and Kenya


We were given introduction to the Victron Energy company and the products offered by Victron energy We were explained in depth of the VE product application as below

  • Small & Larger AC kit
  • Small DC Kit
  • DC Coupling system
  • Hybrid System DC AC Coupling System
  • Fuel Saving
  • Backup System

We were also explained on the VE product line

  • Inverters, inverter chargers, Phoenix, Multiplus and Quatro
  • Easy Solar
  • Batteries -Calculating Batteries, Battery Choice, DOD, Charge Cycles, State of charge and Voltage, Charge and Discharge rate, Wiring and installation
  • Charge controllers -MPPT Range -Blue solar and Smart solar
  • Victron Energy Accessories -BMV, Color control GX, Venus GX, MK3 Interface, VE Direct cables Bluetooth dongle
  • Offgrid Sizing ,Backup and ESS

DAY 2 of the Victron Energy Training Session

We Visited Maternity Africa Center at Ngaramtoni ya chini where we had a practical lesson on the 60KW system Installed by Ltd.

We were received by Liz Walsh; the facility accountant and Elibariki Mushi who is the facility Manager.

The delegates were exited to see and to learn more on the products which is working.

The Afternoon Session we learned on the following.

  • Remote monitoring systems
  • Sizing of simple systems
  • Load Analysis
  • System Voltage

We also programmed the Maternity Africa center System using Remotely.

DAY 3 of the Victron Energy Training Session

We continued with programming the Maternity Africa System from where we had left the previous day. We also learned on the advanced programming of system and assistants.

During Lunch time we were divided into three groups and were given a system to do sizing then present our findings during the afternoon.

We had a look at the Maternity Africa system once more. We also had a session of Q&A.

Special Thanks to:

  • Mr. Hasnain – for giving us the opportunity to organize the training
  • Mrs. Zainab Haider -for the delicious meal during the three days training
  • Mr David Alsina and Mr C. Van Bergeijk (Anco)-For there Lessons
  • GX Site &Technical team-for helping in the installation of the solar board
  • GX Sales Team – For helping in organizing the training
  • GX Transport Team -for organizing delivery of items to and from Akmea building
  • Blink Team for providing WIFI during the three days