November 6, 2020
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10 Reasons to Use Calpak Mark 5

If you’re looking at investing in a solar water heater, you might be tempted to go for a relatively inexpensive brand and save up, but is cheap really cheaper? Will your water heater deliver what it promises? This can be summed up to a fairly common phrase in the business: Cheap is Expensive.

While buying a cheap solar water heater may make you save money now, it will most probably cost you a lot of unnecessary expenditures in maintenance, repairs, or even the purchase of a whole new heater in the future.

With over 44 years of experience in the conversion of sunlight into thermal energy, Calpak is uniquely positioned to offer a guaranteed top-quality solar water heater that is sure to deliver on your investment. This heater is the Calpak Mark 5.

Here are 10 Reasons why to Use Calpak Mark 5:

10 reasons to use calpak mark 4

1. Double Wall Frame

Common collector: 0.8mm thickness

Mark 5: 2.4mm thickness

Being three times thicker, the double-wall frame ensures significantly lower thermal losses for a more performing heater and stronger overall construction.

10 reasons to use calpak mark 4

2. Absorber with 11 Copper Pipes

Common collector: 7-8 copper pipes with 0,3mm absorber thickness and 70-75% optical efficiency

Mark 5: 12 copper pipes laser welded on a 0,5mm full Plate aluminum absorber (High Selective (a>95%, e<3,5%)) with 80% optical efficiency

Mark 5 has 12 top-quality copper wires from Halcor for a more efficient heat transfer to the tank.

10 reasons to use calpak mark 4

3. High Transparency Glass

Common collector: 89% transparency

Mark 5: 91.5% transparency

With its increased transparency, Mark 5’s low iron glass allows even more solar radiation to reach the absorber than the usual 89% glass of a regular collector.

10 reasons to use calpak mark 4

4. Compressed Collector

Common Collector: Screws

Mark 5: Compressed

While the frame of classic collectors is usually fixed with screws, Mark 5 has a compressed collector for an impeccable finish and greater protection against humidity.

10 reasons to use calpak mark 4

5. Back-Plates

Common Collector: Steel

Mark 5: Aluminum

Mark 5’s back-plates are made of 0.5mm aluminum from Elval for greater efficiency.

10 reasons to use calpak mark 4

6. Rock-Wool Insulation

Common Collector: Glass-wool

Mark 5: Rock-wool

Compared to regular models, Mark 5’s insulation is made of top-grade rock wool of 40mm thickness manufactured by Fibran for drastic improvements in heat loss prevention.

Navigating the Challenge of Boom Barriers and Solar Water Heating using Calpak Mark 5 in Salty Water Environments

7. Aluminum Support

Common Collector: Steel 

Mark 5: Aluminum

While the installation of common galvanized steel support frames tends to be quite time-consuming, Mark 5 has an aluminum frame designed by Reddot for a smoother, time-saving installation. The aluminum also guarantees unparalleled durability.

10 reasons to use calpak mark 4

8. Stainless-Steel Connection Pipes

Common: Plastic

Mark 5: Stainless Steel

While the connection pipe of normal solar water heaters is usually made of PAP plastic with an 18mm diameter, the Mark 5 model is fitted with 20mm diameter stainless steel pipes for even more durability and higher overall performance. 

10 reasons to use calpak mark 4

9. Robotic Tank Welding

Common: Standard welding

Mark 5: Robotic welding

Compared to regular solar water heaters, Mark 5 uses state-of-the-art robotic welding for a life expectancy of over 20 years.

10 reasons to use calpak mark 4

10. High Performance Closed Circuit

Common: Standard heating

Mark 5: Fast heating

Mark 5 has a larger and specially designed closed circuit which allows the water to heat up faster than in a regular solar water heater for less inconvenience.

10 reasons to use calpak mark 4

11. New Calpak Factory

As if you needed another reason, the Mark 5 is manufactured and assembled in the new high-tech, state-of-the-art Calpak factory.

Get in touch with the GadgetroniX team to get your Calpak Mark 5 and enjoy solar water heating like never before. 

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