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July 10, 2020
Types of Access Control Systems for your Home and Office

Access control systems help you secure your property by giving you control over who is allowed in. If you have a business, this will also allow you to secure sensitive information & expensive equipment...

June 10, 2020
Why You Should Consider Installing an Automatic Gate?

added protection is not the only advantage of installing an automatic gate. The electrical alternative to your standard gate might be just what you need to boost the appeal, value and practicality of your house or business...

January 22, 2020
CTTV Cameras That Fit your Security Requirements

Previously used by banks and large businesses in Tanzania, CCTV cameras have since been remolded to cater to our evolving security requirements and environments.

August 23, 2019
Advantages of Wireless Communication Systems

A communication system is an integration of equipment to form a complete system that allows people to contact each other and relay messages in close to real time. Communication systems come in either a wired or wireless form.

August 22, 2019
A Guide To Electric Security Fencing System

Most security systems such as security cameras and detection sensors are designed to react after an intrusion has occurred to a property. They are more of a cure than a prevention. They help after the fact.

May 8, 2019
Your Guide to Understanding an Automatic Gate System

Automatic gate systems have been gaining popularity in Tanzania in recent times. Many of the bigger establishments in towns, as well as residences in big cities, use these systems. These gates offer a great way to control the flow of people...

February 26, 2019
Components of a Good Home Security System

A home security system provides the means to secure your home through interconnected systems and devices that are installed on a property. A complete home security system is made up of several components........

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