January 22, 2020
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CCTV Cameras That Fit your Security Requirements

Previously used by banks and large businesses in Tanzania, CCTV cameras have since been remolded to cater to our evolving security requirements and environments. As you walk through town, nowadays, it is not rare to spot numerous security cameras on storefronts, in commercial buildings, and in residential areas. These security devices guarantee you a safe environment and peace of mind while leaving your home and business.

However, you may have noticed that not all CCTV cameras look the same. This is because each type of camera is specifically designed for optimum surveillance in a specific environment. This guide aims to help you find the CCTV camera that fits your requirements for top security.


Types of cctv cameras for your security system 

1. Dome Cameras

Dome cameras are among the most popular CCTV cameras due to their high practicality. The camera is mounted inside a dome-shaped housing and fixed to the ceiling for a wide coverage range. These features make it best suitable for retail establishments such as shops, businesses, and restaurants.


  • Efficient petty crimes deterrent.
  • Wide angle surveillance cover.
  • The polarized dome prevents an intruder or potential vandal from knowing the direction of the camera. 
  • More durable and resistant as the lens of the camera is well protected.
Types of cctv cameras for your security system 

2. Bullet Cameras

Bullet cameras are some of the most efficient outdoor cameras. Their cylindrical housing contains both a camera and lens and can easily be mounted to walls and ceilings for strategic observation. They are particularly adapted to bottleneck areas such as driveways, corridors, passageways, and gates


  • Built to withstand harsh weather.
  • Efficient burglar and trespassers deterrent due to its visibility.
  • A robotic neck allows maneuverability.
Types of cctv cameras for your security system 

3. Network/IP CCTV Camera

Network or IP CCTV cameras allow you to perform live security checks on your business, warehouses, and even home while you are away. This service is available at all times and places if you have an internet connection.


  • Live to view your security footage.
  • Connection to phones, tablets, and laptops.
  • Cable cost-effective
Types of cctv cameras for your security system 

4. High Definition (HD) CCTV Camera

HD Cameras offer uniquely high-quality videos as they record at higher frame rates, giving you the best possible video quality. This type of camera is mostly useful for high security-risk establishments such as banks.


  • High video quality.
  • High-definition zoom options.
  • Strategic positioning offers clear footage of everyone who enters or leaves the premises.
Types of cctv cameras for your security system 

5. Day/Night Camera

Evolving from the traditional bullet camera, the Day/Night Camera has a built-in sensitive imaging chip which allows it to operate in perfect conditions even in unfavorable lighting conditions.


  • Clear visibility irrespective of the weather and lighting conditions such as sunlight, glare, or shade.

Still, confused about which camera to get? 

The Gadgetronix team takes pride in being the very best security experts in Tanzania. Our team will be glad to help you pick the CCTV service made for you. Contact us for a consultation and site survey or check out our catalogs.

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