GOODWE Three-phase Homekit HK3000

GoodWe HK3000 is a solution designed to monitor load energy consumption in real-time, 24 hours a day. Based on the best design principles, the HK3000 is tailored to homeowners’ needs and only requires an internet connection. It consists of a smart meter and a Wi-Fi/LAN communication module. An additional advantage of GoodWe HK3000 is that it can be applied to grid-connected systems with Goodwe inverters or even systems without PV. It is a key component in keeping load consumption records. With a 60-second update frequency, data is transmitted and stored on the cloud. End users benefit from a better understanding of their electricity consumption and the source from which it is generated. Moreover, if used together with a GoodWe inverter, HK3000 can limit the power exported to the grid.

Application - Household Loads Monitoring+ARCB

  • Rated Voltage - 3*230V / 400V
  • Voltage Range AC - 100V ~ 240V
  • Frequency - 50Hz / 60Hz

Current Input

  • Nominal Current CT in: - 120A / 40mA, 200A / 66.7mA
  • Current Range - 0.48A ~ 120A / 200A
  • Self-Consumption - <5W


  • 100M - EthernetN and WiFi
  • Interface - 3 LEDs (Power, Energy Consumption, Communication), Reset Button
  • Operating Temperature - -25 ~ +60°C
  • Storage Temperature - -30 ~ +70°C
  • Operating Humidity -  <95%; No Condensation
  • Altitude - <2000m
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