KR102E is easy to connect and install, and offers the possibility to control one door from both sides. The LED lights indicate allowed or denied access. They have a proximity reading range of up to 10cm in the E series case and up to 5cm in the M series case. The fact that this series is waterproof, and the operating temperatures can range from -20º to +65º, it is the ideal solution for outdoor installation. Also they can be connected with our C3 controllers.


  • Read Range – Up to 10 CM
  • Reading time ( Card ) – s 300 ms
  • Power – DC 6-14V / Max.70mA
  • Input Port – 2 each (External LED Control, External Buzzer Control)
  • Output Card Format – 26bit Wiegand (E) 34bit Wiegand (M)
  • Output Pin Format – 8 bits
  • LED indicator – 2 Color LED Indicators (Red and Green)
  • Beeper – yes
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