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GadgetroniX is one of the leading providers of renewable energy with the expertise to provide tailored services across Tanzania and operate projects that contribute to our goal of a low carbon, sustainable future. Our portfolio ranges from simple household solutions to comprehensive fully independent operations at off grid locations including lodges and camps.




We provide complete solar installations to homeowners and businesses without the massive cost overhead of big-box solar companies. We are knowledgeable, honest, and we follow through on our promises. Best of all we don’t disappear after the sale is made and can maintain and service your installation for many years to come.

We provide a number of different services related to Solar Energy systems:

  • Complete Solar Installations
  • Solar System Troubleshooting and Maintenance
  • Battery Back-up Solar Power Systems
  • Electrical sub-contracting for Solar Projects


We provide backup power to homes and offices for an almost indefinite period of time, keeping you safe and productive during the worst power outage scenarios.
Whether adding to your existing system or putting in a new system, our backup power is an option to seriously consider.


We are authorized dealers for the AKSA brand of home and commercial generators which uses Perkins engine.
We can recommend the right generator for your home, commercial property or office building.


We work closely with NGOs to provide water in a sustainable way. With our variety of solar water pumping solutions, we have been able to provide clean drink water for human beings and animals in communities in Tanzania.

In some communities, these solutions are used to practice irrigation which has led to community members being able to provide food for their families.


We have worked with organizations in providing solar water heating, grid-connected and off grid connections to power children’s homes, maternity hospitals, dispensaries etc.

These solutions have helped in providing better health care to the communities and also taking care of our future generation.


We have powered over 50 lodges in the Mara and Serengeti using our off-grid solutions. This has largely contributed in boosting our tourism industry.


We offer water purification technologies for the lodges so as to provide clean and safe water for drinking and cooking.


Our solar water pumps assist in swimming pool water circulation and also pump water from deep wells.


We design and offer generator solutions as a backup of the off-grid solutions that we install in the lodges.


This solution is only for self-consumption. We offer solutions to greatly reduce your power bills.


We size and offer generator solutions for Industries that require this mode of backup.



Tired of paying Electric Bills? Solar energy provides a free source of electricity with no monthly bills.


No more power cuts and blackouts. With solar power you can have 24 hour access to power with no interruptions.


Solar power can be connected to your home or business in any location, no matter how remote.


Solar power generates free toxic emission & clean energy without depleting the earth’s supply of fossil fuels.


What is GRID-TIED Solar?

Grid-tied or grid connected solar is a solar electricity system without batteries. Your house/farm/industry/office is hooked up to both TANESCO and your solar electricity system, so you will always have electricity available at the flick of a switch; even at night, or if it is cloudy. You can install a solar electricity system of any size and you will only ever be billed if your power consumption is in excess of the amount you are generating.

The grid-connected solar is 100% efficient and also provides unlimited ‘on demand’ energy. This is what makes it so attractive. It has all the benefits of being attached to the electricity grid but with a portion of your electricity bill never increasing in price.

However we do offer grid-connect solar power systems with back-up for customers with special requirements.

What is OFF-GRID Solar?

Off-grid connected solar is a solar electricity system with battery backup. During the day the sun shines and charges the batteries as well as supplies power to your home. During the evening or on rainy days when the sun isn’t shining you use the power stored in the batteries. Your house is not connected to TANESCO hence the name: off-grid.

Although there have been large price reductions in the cost of solar panels and inverters, batteries are generally quite expensive and might require regular maintenance. Generally the idea of being off the grid is quite appealing but it does require more investment. Most of the time it is more cost efficient to connect to the grid and offset your electricity consumption with a grid-connect solar PV system than to go off-grid.

However if you are building a new house or holiday home in a remote location off-grid solar can work out to be a lot cheaper than paying to be connected to the grid. There is no absolute standard off-grid system and it should be designed to suit your specific electrical loads and use patterns.

At GadgetroniX.Net we have designed systems that run lodges, farms, residential houses, offices, companies etc. We love off-grid systems and would love to help design yours.

What is Solar Water Heating

Solar Collectors are typically located on the roof or ground mounted on a rack. They transfer the thermal energy from the sun to the cold water or a heat transfer solution.

Storage Tank is a super-insulated hot water tank that stores the sun’s energy for later use. Water in the tank receives the sun’s energy from the heat transfer solution through a heat exchanger. In some cases, your existing hot water tank can be used.

What is Solar Water Pumping

Solar Water pumps are designed to deliver the highest volume of water across a wide range of lifts. Solar water pumps perform equally well in irrigation projects and for wide area of drinking water applications where they meet the most demanding requirements, economically and without the use of fossil fuels or a grid connection.

What Solar Water Pumping Applications can I use?

Ground Water Solar pumps

Access to a clean, reliable water supply is critical for the survival of humans and animals. Ground water sources offer a cleaner and reliable supply of drinking water.

Our pumps are matched to local water conditions for optimum performance. Intelligent designs keep electronics above ground and the brushless DC drives match solar generators perfectly.

Ground water solar pumping products deliver drinking water to people and livestock economically and reliably

The need to irrigate agricultural land efficiently, economically and sustainably is critical for food security. Costs for irrigation using diesel power are rising at >10 % per year.

Solar irrigation solutions produce no emissions, generate no noise. Solar power for irrigation is more reliable than wind power while being significantly cheaper and cleaner than diesel power. Solar pumps can also complement the design of drip irrigation systems, delivering water precisely and efficiently to individual plants. Very high volumes of water for large scale irrigation can also be supported through a wide range of pump sizes and vertical lifts.

Solar irrigation solutions are a very attractive alternative to diesel powered pumping and support sustainable agriculture

Solar Pool Pumps

For homes/hotels/lodges with swimming pools, circulation and filtration pumps used to keep pools clean are typically the second biggest consumers of electricity.

Using the technology, expertise and experience gained in critical drinking water applications, we can supply a wide range of pool pumps that use zero electricity and have a long life. Additional benefits come from quiet operation and modular construction for simple maintenance. Our solutions save the owner money and reduce their environmental footprint.

Pool pumps are a compelling proposition for home­owners and commercial pool operators in a sector where operating costs need to be minimized.

What are Solar Refrigerators & Freezers?

We supply World Health Organization (WHO) standard vaccination refrigerator/freezers to organizations and dispensaries in the most remote areas of Tanzania.

We also supply and install solar freezers for fishing cooperatives to chill their catch rather than having to resort to preserving it with smoke, a practice that makes the fish more chewy and harder to sell.

Customized solar chillers – We source, supply and install customized solar chillers for Butcheries, fish markets, restaurants, hotels.


Find the best fit for your household or business. Explain to us what your needs are and our customer service will get back to you with the best solutions.
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