November 25, 2022
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Kemarishe Serengeti Lodge Powered by Gadgetronix Solar Power Systems

Situated close to the Seronera region near the center of the national park, the Kemarishe Serengeti Lodge is a charming and cozy hotel right in the middle of the savannah. Nestled near the Kemarishe hills, this authentic lodge and its welcoming staff offer a typical Tanzanian bush atmosphere while also providing top-quality service and accommodations to its guests from all around the world.

With our help, Kemarishe Serengeti Lodge was able to enter the field of eco-friendly tourism by providing Solar Power Systems and reach the growing number of visitors increasingly conscious of the environmental impact of their travel. The brand new lodge now has a green and renewable energy source which will ensure a low carbon footprint and its autonomy.

GadgetroniX takes great pride in helping local businesses prosper and develop while at the same time improving the source and quality of their energy and reducing their impact on the environment. Our company works on multiple projects to promote our vision of a low-carbon, sustainable future by providing innovative solutions which help boost Tanzanian ecotourism.

Kemarishe Lodge powered by Gadgetronix  Solar Power Systems

The solar system and its advanced energy management processes implemented at Kemarishe Serengeti Lodge allowed the employees and the clients to sustainably use their facilities such as power, water, swimming pools, and even WiFi in a highly efficient and high-performing manner. Kemarishe will have drastically lower operating costs than a traditional generator-powered lodge while still delivering top-quality service and amenities to its visitors. 

Solar Power Systems

Solar Panels

Probably among the most common ways of producing solar power nowadays, photovoltaic panels offer a relatively affordable and efficient way of autonomously generating the electricity a business consumes. At Kemarishe Serengeti Lodge, several rows of solar panels were installed reaching up to 145.8 KW. 

Solar Power Systems includes Solar panels from Gadgetronix

The sizing for the solar panels began first and foremost with an estimation of the lodge’s electric requirements. By analyzing the amount of power required to fully run the business operations,  our team was able to establish the number of panels required for this project and the size of the battery bank required for operations during the nighttime when sunlight is unavailable.


As a critical part of a solar power installation, an inverter is used to transform the energy received from the solar panels into an alternating current (AC) that is used in most appliances nowadays. Without this device, the energy collected from the sun would have been impossible to use for the daily running of the hotel.

To calculate the size and capacity of the inverter required, it is necessary to evaluate the power usage of all appliances in the lodge as if they were all on at the same time. This allows our technicians to estimate the best type of inverter for the hotel’s requirements while also ensuring the inverter has extra power available should the lodge decide to put in more appliances. In this case, we vouched for the Atess HPS150 Hybrid inverter as we are certain it can get the job done and offer some leeway for future developments.


The batteries chosen are top-grade Lithium ion phosphate batteries from Freedom Won, a pioneer in the manufacture of power storage units. By installing two 320/256 High Voltage batteries in the power room, the hotel is able to store its excess energy produced during the day to be used once the sun is down.

System Monitoring

When switching to an off-grid system, it is important to keep track of the efficiency of your system to ensure the best possible yield and usage. The Atess Shinemaster acts as a data logger monitoring the consumption and operation of the lodge and its power system to provide real-time information. This extracted data can be easily accessed via an online portal for easy comprehension and action if necessary.

An Engineer From Gadgetronix  providing Solar Power Systems


This installation also required the setting up of two air conditioning units to ensure the power room instruments did not overheat and malfunction. As an indispensable part of most large-scale power systems, the AC is used to regulate the temperature and humidity in the room to maintain optimum operational conditions. 

Wiring and other appliances

Our team also took charge of all necessary wiring and connections for the installation of the solar panels, inverter, batteries, and other devices to ensure the proper running of this project and prevent any risks of short circuits.

Calpack device powered by Gadgetronix Solar Power Systems

Internet Access

Putting to good use the expertise of our Internet services sister company, Blink Ltd, we were able to help Kemarishe Serengeti Lodge have access to top-speed and affordable internet to enhance the experience of its visitors and facilitate the running of operations for its employees.

Fiber internet

With the help of the team at Blink, there have been improved internet access systems installed that will ensure that there is a faster wifi connection for all the clients. This technological advancement will allow the clients to remain connected and keep track of what is going on in the outside world while enjoying the thrill and serenity of the bush. Customers can now keep in touch with their family and friends, and share pictures and videos of their holiday in the wild at all times while on the camp premises.

Gadtronix Engineer Connecting Internet Powered by Solar Power Systems

IP phones

All rooms are equipped with Internet Protocol (IP) phones. Compared to regular telephones which function using a landline to transmit analog signals, an IP phone is connected to the internet via a router and modem. The data is transferred digitally to a Local Area Network (LAN) and transformed into an analog signal. While this communication solution may not be as common as your usual landline, IP phones have now been developed to provide HD sound quality and advanced business features at a reduced cost. 

GadgetroniX is pleased to have helped the Kemarishe Serengeti Lodge in the successful installation of its solar energy and internet solutions. As a company that truly takes to heart the realization of an eco-friendly future, we are proud to have had a part in the concretization of this applaudable endeavor that propels the camp among some of the best options for an authentic, thrilling, and high-end take on an ecotourism lodge.

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